Bucknell University SBDC Client Success Story
Building a Business in Excellent Shape

TROTFITNESS was created in summer 2011 by husband and wife team, Nisan and Yorelis Trotter. This dynamic duo is transforming the Susquehanna Valley by offering Personal Training, Sports Performance, Fitness Nutrition, and its flagship program “Fit Body Boot Camp.”

Nisan ’05 attributes his success to Professor Tammy Hiller and Management 101, a project-based course where students create their own companies, as first kindling his entrepreneurial fire. But it took his wife, Yorelis, to finally convince him that they could take that inspiration and passion and build it into a successful business.

Nisan and Yorelis reconnected with Bucknell by seeking business planning and financial analysis assistance from the Small Business Development Center. They also connected with students in the Markets, Innovation, and Design program at Bucknell’s School of Management who helped them to explore and develop an innovative marketing strategy. In 2013, they celebrated their second year as co-founders of TROTFITNESS, home of Susquehanna Valley’s No. 1 Fitness Boot Camp.
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