Erie Ale Works

Erie Ale Works, LLC is a privately owned microbrewery that is operated and managed by Jeff McCullor, president, and Steve Anthony, vice president and general manager.  Jeff oversees and implements the actions plans and daily operations; while Steve works closely with him in all aspects as his right hand man. Erie Ale Works pride themselves on hand brewing their three original beers, an American Pale Ale, an English Mild, and an Ordinary Bitter creating new crafts such as their “Keyboard Warrior” and “Get Hip or Split” brews.  Their premium craftsmanship can be found through channels of wholesale at Erie Beer, and at fine bars and restaurants in Erie County.

As the entire craft brewing industry saw a growth surge of over 1.3 million barrels in 2011, the entire U.S. beer market faced a 1% decline.  While imported beers have fared well, beer does not transport well and deteriorates in quality over time.    Jeff and Steve saw an opportunity to meet the clear demand Americans had for a great variety of full-flavored beers with the quality freshness from a local brewery.  Since their opening in 2014, Erie Ale Works has rapidly expanded their production by thirty percent after the first year and projects a twenty percent annual increase each year after that.  Jeff and Steve plan to continue expanding until their space is completely filled. 

 Erie Ale Works presents an overwhelming amount of emphasis on supporting their local community, as their   community supports them.  They involve themselves in local events such as: The Rising Tide (TEDx Erie), Roar   on the Shore, Lake Erie Ale Trail, Erie Craft Beer Week, and hosting local food vendors and events.

The owners began working with the Gannon SBDC when they started in 2014.  Since then, they received additional financing from Bridgeway Capital.  On June 16, Bridgeway Capital held an event at Erie Ale to highlight their loan programs and to showcase Erie Ale as one of their successful clients.  The event was attended by lenders and other small business owners. Despite increased competition, Jeff and Steve are confident that their business is positioned for continued growth.