Kum & Go Convenience Store Up and Running with Capital Acquisition Assistance of the SBDC

Right on the corner of Sunshine Avenue in Central City is the one stop for the local community providing dining and a convenience store in one location. Paula Contrillo and Keith Ross saw the opportunity to take Sunshine Family Dining a reputable business in Central City and turn a good business into an even better opportunity for the community by keeping the family restaurant and diversifying into the convenience and lottery service.

The Country Corner Dining & Convenience, dba/Kum & Go, is the result of Paula Contrillo and Keith Ross’ vision. Paula & Keith combined their years of interest, experience and knowledge of the area to establish the unique one stop restaurant and convenience business to accommodate the local community as well as the tourists passing through the area. They had the ability and confidence that they could put together a plan that would be successful. What was needed was the financing to purchase the business, renovate the facility and diversify the product mix.

Keith and Paula approached a bank for financing to purchase the business and that is where they ran into their first hurdle—the need for a business plan. The bank told them in order to apply for their funding they required a written business proposal and referred them to the Saint Francis University Small Business Development Center (SBDC).

Paula contacted the SBDC to discuss their proposal and to obtain assistance in the best way to proceed. The SBDC consultant worked with them on evaluating how much financing they would need to fund their project. The center also assisted in examining the overall feasibility of the business.

The SBDC worked closely with the partners on developing the business plan and identifying financing options. The SFU SBDC also worked on the financial projections which addressed the overall needs for the project along with arranging meetings with the potential funding resources.

With the business plan and projected financial statements complete, they approached the bank for financing. In January 2016 the financing was approved. The total project cost was $130,000.00. The project was funded using bank financing and private investors.

Renovations and changes on the property started immediately and Paula & Keith are up and running. The Country Corner Dining & Convenience store is offering the community one stop convenience. The project has created 2 full-time and 2 part-time jobs.