The Tradition of Fine Dining in Foxburg Continues Under New Ownership: Allegheny Grille

The Allegheny Grille is an existing restaurant and bar located in the heart of Foxburg. The Allegheny Grille has a well established reputation and clientele within the area and region. Located on the picturesque banks of the Allegheny River, the restaurant offers a premier dining experience. The combination of a cordial atmosphere and excellent food insures that the Allegheny Grille will continue to be a destination site for tourists as well as the local community for many years. The facilities are ideal for hosting special events or an informal gathering with family and friends.

The new owners, James Marron and John Irwin, are natives of Foxburg. James has a strong, professional background in human resources and has worked in the neighboring town of Parker for the past 20 years. John has worked his entire career locally with a professional background in business management. The two have strong roots embedded in service and volunteerism within the Foxburg community. With their community-oriented mindset and professional expertise they set out to become entrepreneurs by purchasing the Allegheny Grille.

The Clarion University Small Business Development Center (SBDC) assisted James Marron and John Irwin with a business plan that was critical to assessing the viability of business acquisition and in obtaining financing for the project. Along with a significant capital contribution from the owners, funding was received from the Clarion County Community Bank, the Northwest Commission Revolving Loan Fund and from the Clarion County Economic Development Corporation’s Genesis Loan Fund. With this funding the purchase of the Allegheny Grille was completed in December of 2014.

By purchasing the restaurant the owners were able to save 40 jobs, add 10 new jobs, and utilize business support services from the local communities.