SouthWest Savory Grill

Donald Jones is an advocate for fresh gourmet food that is also fast and accessible. Don first came to the Wilkes University Small Business Development Center (SBDC) in April of 2015. He brought with him a plan and the determination to purchase the business of his dreams.

Don approached the SBDC for assistance in writing a business plan to obtain financing to purchase the SouthWest Savory Grill food truck. Don had worked for many different companies but wanted to fulfill his aspirations of owning this food truck. He had discussed the purchase of the already successful business with its previous owner for quite some time and realized that it was time for him to become the proud new owner. Don came into the SBDC with a well written draft of his business plan, having owned businesses before. He was extremely eager for the first meeting and ready to put in the work to achieve his goals.

Since the food truck industry had been expanding, Don felt that this was his chance to put his passion to work. Don believed that the success of a food truck came from the freshest ingredients and top of the line customer service.

He had a long list of questions prepared but also was extremely prepared himself, coming in with an initial draft of his business plan, financial projections, and information about his competition. It was evident from all of Don’s preliminary work that he had thought about this business idea for some time.

Over the next several weeks, Don worked with his SBDC consultants to further develop his business plan and financial projections which were to be used to secure financing. He also asked for assistance in analyzing the market, the industry, and competitor data. Together, they worked to refine his future ideas through careful industry analysis. Throughout this process, Don was extremely eager to learn and was always very prepared.

Don had approached the Fidelity Bank in the area before he even met with the SBDC. After weeks of working on the business plan and financial projections, Don was approved for financing for $27,500, augmented by his own personal investment of $60,000.

In June of 2015, Don was granted ownership of SouthWest Savory Grill. He started to update social media and take the food truck around Luzerne County, making stops for business to experience fresh, delicious cooking right out of the food truck. The truck was awarded “Food Truck of the Year.”