Kane’s Ideal Truck Service

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At only twenty-two years old, Zachary Kane had already gained experience well beyond his years, having worked on cars and trucks since he was seventeen. After graduating college with a degree in diesel technology, he got a job as the fleet mechanic for an oil and gas company where he managed thirty to forty trucks.

Mr. Kane received many requests to work on semis and other diesel vehicles utilized in the oil and gas industry. Working on large trucks is a completely different ballgame from working on automobiles as it requires specialty training and experience. With all of the demand for Mr. Kane’s services, he saw an opportunity to go out on his own. This opportunity allowed Mr. Kane the chance to continue servicing his current employer’s fleet but also work with other companies. 

He found a location owned by an oil and gas company who wanted to hire his company as their fleet mechanic. Before even opening for business, he had already had four oil and gas companies who had asked for his services.

Reason for seeking SBDC assistance

Mr. Kane had already purchased $20,000 in tools to work on vehicles but he still needed $65,000 in financing in order to purchase the necessary equipment as well as cover basic start-up costs. The University of Pittsburgh Small Business Development Center (SBDC) worked with Mr. Kane to look at the feasibility - including the break-even point - of the business, put together financial projections, and develop a business plan.


Mr. Kane was successfully approved for a $50,000 micro-loan from the Washington County Council on Economic Development and a $15,000 line of credit from Citizens Bank. He officially opened his doors for business in November of 2014 and has already attracted several fleet clients as well as partnered with other small businesses.