Rugrats Resale

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In 2009, Lydia approached the Penn State Small Development Center (SBDC) for assistance in setting up her digital media business, Pick 'em Up Productions. The SBDC helped her move through the startup process quickly and since then, Pick 'em Up Productions has seen growth every year. She called upon the SBDC again in 2012 to help her explore an idea she had for a children's business. “The SBDC helped me see it was not a feasible business model, and for that I am very grateful,” says Myers. Once again, in 2014, Lydia and her husband Andy approached the SBDC when another business opportunity presented itself. The owner of a local children's consignment store was moving and selling her business. Lydia states, "This was the third time I've worked with the SBDC. Because of their guidance, I was able to enter into the process of purchasing Rugrats Resale with confidence. There are no words to express how much I appreciate the support I have received from the SBDC."

As it turns out, Rugrats Resale was a business Lydia was already very familiar with. With two small children of her own, she had been shopping, volunteering and consigning with the store for years. "Twice a year we would go through the girl's toys and clothes and choose the items we want to include in the next Rugrats Resale. The girls know the more toys they get rid of, the more space there is for new ones they pick out at the sale." Being a local business owner who loves supporting other local businesses, Pick 'em Up Productions also advertised with Rugrats Resale, purchasing an ad on the website and hanging a banner during the bi-annual sales. 

As a result, when the founder of Rugrats Resale mentioned to Lydia she was selling, Lydia saw an opportunity that seemed to be a fit for her family. Once again, she reached out to her SBDC consultants and asked them to review the offer. Consultants from the Penn State SBDC helped her work through the numbers and some other possible issue,s and in the end, the purchase price seemed fair and reasonable. No bank financing was necessary and Lydia became the new owner of Rugrats Resale, LLC in the summer of 2014. In August, the SBDC helped at her first sale by organizing a ribbon cutting ceremony at which SBDC staff and a Centre County Commissioner attended. As Lydia watched the throngs of moms, dads, grandparents and children hurriedly dash through the entrance to secure the best deals, her grin was radiant. Her first three day sale was a success, and true to Lydia, she already has plans for expanding the spring offerings.