24/7 Body Central

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Michelle McGinness and Randy Haffley have opened a fitness center specializing in fitness, weight/cardio training, and general health improvement.

The center also sells fitness clothing and accessories as well as energy supplements. 24/7 Body Central is operating in Lock Haven. They are marketing the center to fitness enthusiasts, both experienced and novice, in Lock Haven and the surrounding area.

Michelle and Randy are both originally from the Lock Haven area. They are fitness enthusiasts that craved a fitness center that offered more and better options as well as an expanded schedule. Michelle and Randy felt that their improved fitness had been a positive experience and wanted to provide this opportunity to others.

Michelle came to the Lock Haven University Small Business Development Center (SBDC) needing assistance with the development of a business plan and financial projections as well as registration and start-up information to get the fitness center business started.

Michelle and Randy opened 24/7 Body Central in November  to provide people with what they feel is a better alternative to the other gyms and fitness center options available in the surrounding area. The business offers classes, training, tanning, red light therapy, and massage therapy. Physical fitness continues to grow as an industry as people become more health conscious. Michelle is a mortgage lender at a local bank and wanted to go into business for herself, and she liked the idea of creating a fitness center. She spoke to many enthusiasts in the area and decided that a need for a new option for a fitness center existed in the area. Randy, a golf professional, hadbeen into fitness for over twenty years and is now managing the day to day operations of the center.

After receiving assistance in the development of an effective business plan as well as information on the neccesary registrations for start-up, Michelle and Randy were able to open their fitness center. The business currently has one full-time and several part-time employees and plans to hire several more part-time employees in the future to handle all business operations and needs.

The SBDC has had a positive impact on this local business through its assistance. The SBDC aided with compiling the necessary information as well as assisting with business plan creation, providing registration and start-up information, and a ribbon cutting ceremony. The outcome of successfully starting this business is that it has allowed Michelle to become a local business owner in the area.