Planet Goodness, LLC

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Three good friends wanted to bring the benefits of organic and wholesome foods to the Kiski Valley.
None of the partners had any experience in the grocery industry, but they did have a lot of enthusiasm, passion and commitment.
The Indiana University of Pennsylvania Small Business Development Center  (SBDC) guided the partners not only through the development of an extensive business plan, but through a process of educating themselves about the industry.
  • A very thorough business and operations development plan that was able to quickly secure a loan.
  • The store opened in June of 2013 and is on track to surpass initial projections.
  • New customers are added every week as awareness of the store and its unique, healthy products and groceries spreads through the surrounding region.
  • The store was able to hire 2 full time employees.
  • When asked what the first 6 months of her business has been like, Stephanie replied that the extensive planning was the difference between success and failure, but even after the planning there was still so much to learn.
  • The partners dream is realized and the Valley now not only has a source for organic and healthy products, but a beachhead for growing awareness of the benefits of organic foods.