Keggle Brewing

Terry Denham is following up his longtime passion for making home-brewed beer into a successful business. Combining this passion with his 25 years of management and business experience, Terry and his wife Patricia now operate Keggle Brewing, Inc from their home in Glenshaw, Pa.

Terry first came to the SBDC as a participant in the Pennsylvania-sponsored Self-Employment Assistance Program, a program administered by the Duquesne University Small Business Development Center (SBDC) that helps unemployed individuals to start a business. At the SBDC, he received 20 hours of classroom instruction in starting a new business, as well as individualized consulting that focused on the development of a business plan and financial projections.

His research revealed a growing market for specially-designed products to meet the needs of individual home-brewing enthusiasts. Most of this sales growth seemed to be through internet-based suppliers. This led to Terry creating his own website - complete with product descriptions and pictures. He also identified a target list of home brewing supply shops.

Keggle Brewing sells complete custom-made home brewing systems and tap kits to home brewers. It also sells to home brewing supply shops and micro breweries in Pennsylvania, Ohio, New York, Maryland, and Delaware through the distribution of a wholesale catalog. Initial start-up costs of $16,000 were covered by Terry and Patricia in the form of an equity contribution.

The company's reputation and customer satisfaction come first and foremost for Terry and Patricia, and so the company is well on its way to becoming known for delivering a custom-made and superior product at a fair price.

Terry is continually networking through memberships in national trade associations such as the American Home Brewers Association, and in local home brewing clubs such as Three Rivers Underground Brewers in Pittsburgh. He is greatly appreciative of the support and assistance he received at the Duquesne University SBDC.