Shippensburg University SBDC Featured Clients & Testimonials

Yoga Steph

“My experience with the SBDC has been more than amazing because of the constant connection and support that I have been provided with and I believe this has helped to keep my business flourishing in the crucial first year!”

Radiant Ruby Wellness

“SBDC has been a great help to me as a new small business owner, answering all my business questions and providing advice and guidance.”

Strength Endures Fitness

“This is my second business that I opened with the assistance and guidance of SBDC. I would highly recommend their services for new and upcoming entrepreneurs.”

“Bruce gave me some good pointers and got me in contact with the right people to move forward pretty quickly.”

— Phil George, Owner of Phil the Thrill Studios
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Rhea Brandenburg and Jim Stein learned about the services of the Shippensburg University SBDC while working with M&T Bank to complete the necessary documents to purchase and renovate the property. Their Consultant assisted Rhea and Jim with the development of their business plan and financial projections. According to Jim and Rhea, “the SBDC was a valuable asset to us and without their assistance things would have been more complicated and time consuming to complete.”

Market Cross Pub & Brewery

“The SBDC has been an integral part of my business’s longevity. They are a wonderful way to get started or put together plans to grow or measure growth opportunities for past and future decisions. They have so many tools to help me but their most valuable asset is the people behind the work. They create personal relationships that offer assistance through multiple generations. The positive influence they’ve had on me and my family business is something we will forever be grateful for.”

“We were overwhelmed with everything going on and Cheryl helped us with the business plan in order to secure funding.”

— Keith Johnson, Owner of The Goldfish Barn
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Carlisle Bowen Works

“I’m so fortunate to be part of the small percentage of businesses that “make it” through to their 10 year anniversary. With absolute certainty, I can say that part of what made that happen was the support and education I was able to receive through the Shippensburg University SBDC. When I opened my business in September of 2012, I took advantage of every educational opportunity, and many other services that the SBDC had available. I am so incredibly grateful for all the resources they provided. I know they had a huge impact on the success of my business.”

Bessie's Best Lactation Cookies

“When I was just starting out, I wasn’t an entrepreneur in the traditional sense. I identified a problem many mothers were struggling with and developed something to help. Robin and the SBDC team helped me go from a person with a good idea and work ethic to someone who can confidently present my business to the world. The SBDC helped me develop a business plan and network with other small business owners to give me the support and confidence I needed to succeed. Thanks for everything, SBDC!”

"The SBDC helped me pull the trigger and just go for it!"

— Logan Spiewak, Owner of Boots to Health
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Back Porch Brewing

“I know I couldn’t have done the business plan or projections with out you all, so super thankful.”


“I feel like Jen genuinely cares about what happens to my business.”

Jesiah Jireh Early Learning Center

“Jen was there for me every step of the way.”

“The SBDC has been vital in providing valuable resources and opportunities to grow my business.”

— Zach Detwiler, Owner of Thrive Fitness
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Athena Mobility & Strength

“I always had a vision for my business but needed support to organize my thoughts into a cohesive plan. The SBDC was able to provide the necessary details to ensure my success. Additionally and perhaps more importantly I have always felt encouraged and supported any time I have reached out. Confidence is what I would say the SBDC gave me to push my dream to reality.”

Molly Pitcher Brewing Company

“If you are starting a business or trying to start a major project or expansion at a current business the SBDC should be one of the first stops. They have been able to answer our questions about how to accomplish our goals and set us up with the people and resources we needed to succeed. The SBDC is an invaluable resource for business owners in our community.”