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You could win up to $3,000!

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Do YOU have a business or product IDEA? The PennWest Clarion BizPitch Competition is perfect for you. PennWest Clarion Students compete by Pitching their product or business idea to win one of four cash prizes. First place gets a check for $3,000.

Students may enter solo or in teams of no more than four, and will present their 5-7 minute pitch to a panel of judges. Three cash prizes will be awarded to the top three students or student groups.

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The PennWest Clarion BizPitch Competition is open to part-time and full-time students enrolled in the Fall semester at PennWest Clarion. Students will develop and deliver an effective, professional business pitch presenting an innovative and marketable business concept that is both technically and economically feasible and profitable. Slides, demonstrations, and  other presentation materials will be encouraged.

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Key Dates

Registration Opens: September 5, 2022
Registration Closes: October 14, 2022
Final Event: November 16, 2022

Contact Information

Clarion University
Small Business Development Center /
Entrepreneurial Leadership Center


Who can apply?
The PennWest Clarion Student BizPitch Competition is open to full-time and part-time students at PennWest Clarion. Students may compete solo or in teams of four or less. Students may be contributing members of multiple teams, but may only be a part of the pitch presentation for one entry. Entries may not have won a top three prize in previous PennWest Clarion Student BizPitch Competitions.

Am I able to participate twice?
If you finished in the top three of a previous BizPitch competition, you may not participate again.

Can I participate in the competition virtually?
The 2022 BizPitch competition is being planned as an entirely in person event, however virtual submissions may be considered under extreme circumstances.

Do I have to be a business major?
No, students from all University programs are invited to join the competition.

How do I apply for the competition?
Please refer to the application link that is located on the BizPitch Overview page. Note the link will not appear before the application date and it will disappear after the final deadline has passed.

What can I use the money for, if I win?
The winnings are a cash prize that may be used however the winners see fit. Although, this is considered income to the winners, and they will be required to complete form W-9 and then will receive a 1099 form.

How will the pitches be scored?
Please refer to the BizPitch grading rubric, which is located under the participant resources tab.

What are the rules of the competition?
Please refer to the BizPitch Rules for the Competition, which are located under the participant resources tab.

Do I have to have a business that is in operation to join the competition?
No, you can join the competition if you have an idea for a business that you would like to pitch.

Can a student with an existing business, join the competition?
Yes, students may come pitch their existing businesses for a chance to win the event and money.

What are the stages of the competition?
The first step is to apply to be a contestant of the competition. Next, the students in charge of running the competition will host information sessions to talk about the competition and answer questions. Next, there will be a preliminary round where the judges will select the finalists who will advance to the finals. Last, there will be a final event, where the top three pitches are awarded and the crowd will choose a fan favorite winner.

How many contestants get to advance to the finals?
Five contestants or groups will advance to the final event.

What is the Small Business Development Center (SBDC) and what do we do?
The Clarion University Small Business Development helps small business start, grow and prosper. The SBDC is a federally funded program that offers consulting services to clients at no charge. Since its inception in 1980, the Clarion University SBDC has consulted with thousands of pre-venture and existing business clients in its 10-county region. This region in Pennsylvania includes the following counties: Armstrong, Cameron, Clarion, Clearfield, Elk, Forest, Jefferson, McKean, Potter, and Venango. The Clarion University SBDC provides consulting services and educational programs to entrepreneurs looking to start or grow their small business.


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