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Saint Francis Small Business Development Center client, Julie, sitting on wooden block in her fitness business

Saint Franics University SBDC Client Success Story
Getting Fit for Business

Health and fitness have always been a part of Julie Patula’s life. She started out as an avid runner, then progressed into weight training which is where her passion and fitness goals flourished. She always enjoyed nutritious foods, and it was a priority to stay physically fit. However, she didn’t always accomplish this goal in the right way. She went through periods of her life where she fell into the fad diets and gimmicks like many people do. Julie quickly realized fad diets are NOT sustainable and eventually everyone will fail on them.

After several years of contemplation, in 2016 she forced herself to compete in her first physique competition. Julie knew she would need help with her nutrition in order to compete and reach her goals in a healthy manner. This is when Julie met Dr. Todd Miller and Registered Dietitian, Stephanie Mull, creators of “Metabolism Based Eating” – a meeting which forever changed her relationship with food and fitness. Using their methods, Julie was able to go above and beyond her physique goals. She continues to utilize and believe wholeheartedly in this life altering, and more importantly, SUSTAINABLE way of life. So much so, that she decided to start her own business as a Metabolism Based Eating Coach. She uses their science to power JP Nutrition & Fitness.

Her plans were slightly delayed due to the Covid pandemic, but in the fall of 2020, Julie decided to start planning for starting her business the following year. Julie knew the health and fitness industry, but she wasn’t sure about how to go about starting a business. She contacted the Saint Francis University SBDC on a referral from Blake Fleegle, the Startup Alleghenies Entrepreneur Coach.

“Terry Anderson is being extremely helpful. We are working together to get my business up and running and I am thankful to have someone to help me.”

Julie spoke with Terry Anderson, the SBDC’s Covid-19 Business Consultant. Terry worked with Julie on getting her business registration filed, developing a business plan and financial projections, conducting industry research, and discussed marketing strategy and pricing strategy. Terry referred Julie back to Blake to apply for the Startup Alleghenies Marketing Grant.

Julie informed the SBDC she was successful in starting her business. She invested $7,000 of her own money into the business for equipment and other startup costs and was awarded $3,500 through the Startup Alleghenies Marketing Grant. She used the grant to work with a Marketing Consulting company who revamped her website and is assisting her with her social media and other digital marketing. Julie expressed her thanks for the assistance stating how helpful the Center was to work with.

JP Nutrition & Fitness focuses on preventing what’s called metabolic adaptation by gearing your weight management goals to your measured metabolism. Metabolic adaptation is the abnormal slowing of the metabolism while in a calorie deficit and happens when one eats too few calories to sustain their body. JP Nutrition & Fitness creates a personalized dietary plan tailored to YOUR body, following scientifically proven research, for sustainable results. And then, coaches and supports you along the way to make sure you reach your goals.