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Braddock's Procurement Opportunities Guide - 2014 Edition is a primer designed to help small-business owners and decision-makers understand the government procurement and private-sector procurement spaces.  This PDF version - published by Braddock Communications, sponsored by Microsoft, and co-branded by APTAC  is available for use by small business owners and entrepreneurs.

Braddock's Procurement Opportunities Guide is a robust, yet easy to use guide for entrepreneurs interested in government contracting.  It provides an overview of government and corporate markets with an emphasis on who buys and how buying decisions are made.  It also presents "next-step" resources for federal and state governments and the private sector.          

Topics include:

  • Selling to the Federal Government/State Governments 
  • Selling to Large Corporations
  • Selling to Foreign Governments and International Organizations  
  • "Green" Procurement   
  • Special Resources for Women-, Minority-, or Veteran-Owned Businesses 

A glossary of procurement-related terms is included, as well as a procurement preparation checklist, information about teaming agreements and joint ventures, and more.