No-Cost, Confidential Government Contracting Consulting

For some successful firms, a route to expanding sales is found in the government marketplace. If your business has procurement potential, the following SBDC services can help you compete more effectively, make informed business decisions, and expand your business:

  • Coordinated outreach and education to increase small firms’ participation in ‘shovel ready’ public works projects, including opportunities for minority and woman-owned businesses
  • Assistance with accessing financial resources, including traditional (commercial lenders) and non-traditional (public lenders, revolving loan funds and agency backed programs)
  • Assistance with improving operating systems in order to meet federal, state and local government contracting compliance standards
  • Additional technical and networking resources to increase opportunities for government contracting
  • Training to educate small businesses about market development potential as well as possible pitfalls within the government contracting process

Is Your Business Qualified for Government Contracting?

Government agencies want to ensure they are working with professional, reputable, and responsible businesses. These qualifications will generally give you a higher probability of success:

  • A developed business model
  • 2-3 years of commercial experience
  • Ability to accept electronic and credit card payments
  • Capable computer and accounting systems
  • Financial stability
  • Balanced customer portfolio

The Pennsylvania SBDC helps established businesses prepare to enter government markets. Once you are ready, we can connect you with your local APEX Accelerator for more specialized assistance and training.

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