GI Haul

GI Haul, veteran owned business in Allegheny county, PA

Client Success Story Duquesne University SBDC
A Veteran on the Way to His Dreams!

From Veteran to Business Owner, Mike McCloskey and David McCloskey made their entrepreneur dreams come true. Founded in 2012, G.I.HAUL®  is an Allegheny County-based Junk and Waste Removal franchise. In 2012, G.I.HAUL®was born when two brothers decided to start their junk and waste removal small business. Ten years later, their business thrives. The junk and waste removal business currently has nine franchises around the United States (all owned and operated by veterans), and its operations keep expanding.

How Did the SBDC Help GI Haul to Survive in a Turbulent Moment?

Along the way, however, G.I.HAUL® faced many typical challenges small-business owners face: expanding, franchising, and financing. The Duquesne University SBDC helped G.I.HAUL® successfully secure funds when it was much needed. The Duquesne University SBDC was an essential piece on G.I.HAUL’s way to success by providing help by being the connection between the business and banks to get financing. The business was in a critical moment and needed financial help when Michael McCloskey found the SBDC. After working with the consultant Donald Lodge, the veteran-owned business was able to receive funding through Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL), Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), and Regional Development Funding Corporation (RDFC) to expand their business. The help of the Small Business Development Center and our business consultant’s expertise was critical so that the business could get out of a turbulent moment.

Helping Out Other Veterans in Need
“We are a small group of post 9/11 Veterans that have stuck together through thick and thin. We have taken up the cause to step up and provide efficient junk & waste removal services at a fair price, and on a client-by-client basis. Our hassle-free services allow you to go about your life, while we do the heavy lifting for you. You will also have the satisfaction of knowing that any items that can be recycled will be. These recycled items will go to helping out Veterans in need all across the country.” – G.I.HAUL®

The veteran-owned small business is looking to grow with more franchises nationwide with a mission of creating opportunities for other veterans. The SBDC is proud and happy to be a part of this success story!