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Shippensburg University SBDC Client Success Story
Operation Health and Wellness…

Logan Spiewak, the owner of Boots to Health PA, LLC has a passion for spreading positivity among his community. After graduating from high school, Logan joined the United States Marine Corps. He served his country for several years as a Marine and after leaving the military a year ago, decided his career would not be bound by a position in an office setting working 9 to 5 every day. Logan said, “I don’t mind hard work… so, if I could work for myself, I would do that all day.

Mixing his passion for people and addiction to the gym, Logan decided to open Boots to Health. His own love for fitness and recognizing the need for others to become healthier mentally and physically gave him the drive for the kind of gym he would design for future clients. Logan commented, “If I can impact as many people as possible that is so cool.”

There were a few steppingstones along the way to starting the business. According to Logan, seeking finance was a big hurdle and his biggest challenge. Lenders were hesitant to work with someone who was a young entrepreneur starting his first business. Seeking guidance, Logan attended a Boots to Business workshop and through the Veterans Affairs Office of Cumberland County discovered the Shippensburg University SBDC. Bruce Krell, Business Consultant with the Shippensburg University SBDC assisted Logan with his idea and provided start-up assistance, business planning and market research. Logan said, “Bruce helped me pull the trigger and just go for it.”

Boots to Health provides individual personalized programs for each member. With the program, members will be held accountable for their health goals. Services include one-on-one daily messaging and weekly accountability calls. Catering to veterans and first responders is a priority for Logan, but his mission extends to the entire public community. Logan hopes his gym can be a place where people find their inner strength, recognize their worth and go forward to living their best life. With his plan to spread positivity, peace and commitment, those in the local communities will feel his impact.

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