Restauranteur Returns to His Roots: Bacon, Bourbon & Beer

Shawn Janovich, Washington native, has made a career in the restaurant industry.  After successfully starting a bar in the South Side of Pittsburgh, he sold it to pursue another business goal. His goal was to open the first gastro-pub in Washington, Pennsylvania.  He first approached the University of Pittsburgh SBDC for assistance with obtaining financing in early 2015, with a goal of opening in August 2015.  The location had been secured, but there were many other things that needed to come together. The SBDC assisted Janovich with writing his business plan and preparing financial projections for the loan. There were numerous unanticipated roadblocks to come. Financing fell through at the last minute, as a change in leadership with the lender meant the lender no longer did loans for full service restaurants.  Financing of $125,000 was secured through the Progress Fund.   
After financing came through, Janovich found himself in another pickle.  His liquor license had a lien due to the property developer not fulfilling the proper permitting.  Once the license was free and clear, the developer had major construction delays. Everyone continued to tell Janovich he was crazy for thinking this could work in Washington, but he did not listen. He was finally able to open his doors in July 2016.  Even after opening, they continued to hit some bumps, including the breakdown of their meat grinder. 
Since its soft opening, Bacon, Bourbon & Beer, affectionately referred to as B3 in Washington, has been flourishing. They’ve grown from fifteen employees to twenty-five. Sales are already over $350,000, and though the name does not mention the best seller, the best sellers are their burgers.  Janovich’s return to Washington has inspired a birth in the food scene in Washington.  Janovich is working on opening another restaurant in Washington, which he has sought assistance from the SBDC again.