East Hill Media

East Hill Video Production Company, LLC now doing business as East Hill Media was formed in 1996 by Daniel P. Watson-Bey Founder and CEO. East Hill Media is a multimedia company that helps their clients share their message and tell their story by providing clear, hassle-free interactive media solutions.

Located in Lansdale, PA, East Hill Media provides audio-visual solutions (integration, procurement and installation), video, photography, lighting, and video teleconferencing services. In addition, East Hill offers design, implementation, training and maintenance. Delivering excellence and outstanding results, the team handles projects across the United States and covers everything from conferences, weddings, meetings, A/V equipment, event production, and more.

East Hill is a Minority Owned Business certified by the National Minority Supplier Development Council and an 8(a) Small Disadvantaged Business certified by the Small Business Administration (SBA). East Hill was well aware of the challenges of government marketing. They had begun to reach out to agencies and found it extremely cumbersome. They wanted to make sure they were moving in the right direction. They did not want to devote time and effort spinning their wheels guessing their way through the processes.

When Dan and Evelyn Watson-Bey, the CFO met with Faye they immediately began to implement market strategies and techniques for East Hill. Dan was advised to complete and update all mandatory registrations and certifications. Next, they developed a Capability Statement, updated business cards, brochures, discussed the website and enhanced other marketing materials. The objective was to include vendor information on the marketing materials to enable Government Agencies to identify and categorize East Hill services.

The next steps included the development of the Bid Match search profile.  The PTAP conducted research to identify government agencies and prime contractors that buy East Hill products and services.  Dan and Evelyn were encouraged to attend seminars, outreach and networking events to develop their understanding of the government marketplace and build relationships in the government arena.  They were dedicated to this initiative and made the entire staff at East Hill available to attend seminars and events for the purpose of educating the team in government contracting.

East Hill came to the PTAP program with a planned goal to increase revenues through government contracting.  Remarkably, with hard work and dedication, East Hill has developed relationships with the PA Convention Center Authority that has opened doors to fantastic opportunities with a prosperous future for greater opportunities. To date, they have obtained the following contracts:

  • Contract 1 - PA Convention Center Authority:  AV/Equipment Purchase Acquisition in the amount of  $227,000.00
  • Contract 2 - PA Convention Center Authority:  AV Equipment Purchase Acquisition in the amount of $15,795.00. Totaling:  $242,795.95
  • Completed work for the US Department of Justice for approximately $20,000.00.

East Hill has increased and retained staff.  When we first met in 2015 they had 7 Full Time Employees.  That number quickly grew to 7 Full Time and 9 Part Time.

Dan stated, “Our huge success has allowed us to revamp our three-year business growth action plan, to reflect our trajectory moving forward.  We are well on track to meet if not exceed our growth targets for 2016 and we owe a great deal of our success to the education, advice and counsel received from Faye Fitz at the Temple PTAP!”