Perfect Harmony Center for the Arts

Beth and Jeremy Connor are creative people. Beth has taught music education in the public school system for 10 years and Jeremy is a former Montessori teacher. In their individual academic settings they saw the benefit of the arts in education and the positive effects it had in their students' emotional and intellectual development.

Frustrated by funding cuts to the arts programs at public schools they began to brainstorm about ways to give children exposure to the arts. Originally, they devised a plan to open a private school that would offer curriculum heavily focused on the arts and the Montessori method of teaching.

The Connors approached the Wilkes SBDC for guidance in starting such a school. After careful market research and financial analysis they realized that entry into the private school arena would be difficult. There was too much competition. Beth and Jeremy weren’t ready to give up.

Several months later they again approached the Wilkes SBDC to help them investigate their idea of opening a performing arts center on the West Side of the Wyoming Valley. After researching the competition, the SBDC found that although there were arts programs scattered throughout the region there was not one location that was a one stop shop for the arts. By focusing on a plan to provide art, music theater and dance under one roof for children and young adults they realized the enormous appeal this would be to parents and guardians. Rather than running one child to dance in one location and another child to piano lessons at another location the parent could accomplish two tasks out of one central location.

Several months later on August 22, 2015 the Connors opened the doors to Perfect Harmony Center for the Arts in Kingston. Housed in a convenient location with ample parking the Connor’s created a performing arts center. They painstakingly refurbished the old office building into a visually appealing destination for young people to practice their extracurricular passions.

The Connors have built a non-competitive atmosphere where students are able to study all types of music and dance or concentrate on the visual arts. They believe that every student should have the opportunity to develop their individual talents that will serve to enrich their experiences throughout their lives. They are dedicated to keeping the flow of imagination, creativity and expression flourishing.

It is evident that the Connors have hit all of the right notes in the community. When Perfect Harmony opened their doors they offered 20 sections of classes in a variety of subjects. Today they offer 41 sections of children’s programs and have recently added 10 sections of programs for adults.