PMP Printing

PMP Printing opened in March of 2014 and has been booming ever since. It is a specialized printing service located in Franklin, Pennsylvania with a focus on sports-related clients that require digital printing for products such as season ticket booklets, parking passes, and parking tags. These items are often customized using variable data such as specific fan, date, and seat. Throughout the year of 2014, PMP Printing has hired twelve employees, and business is thriving.

Owners Jeffery Hicks and Rick Johnson have passions for digital printing and for customer service. The two came to the decision to form their own business after working several years for Paramount Tickets in Wheatland, Pennsylvania. Jeff was a key employee at Paramount Tickets and developed their entire system for digital ticketing printing. With his in-depth knowledge and vast experience, he decided to start his own business. Rick used his sales and marketing expertise to market and promote PMP. With only a year in the books, PMP has been extremely successful. Combining their expertise has proven to be a winning team. With the recent purchase of Paramount Ticket in late 2014, the company continues to thrive, moving forward by offering new products to their vast customer base.

Jeff reached out to the Clarion University Small Business Development Center (SBDC) early on in the process for assistance in developing a detailed business plan. SBDC consultants assisted Jeff with market and industry research, constructing a business plan, and financing options and projections. This helped them understand the profit potential of their business. With the assistance of the Clarion SBDC, Jeff and Rick made a sucessful business plan and acquired funding for their business. One of the greatest challeneges PMP Printing faced was how long it took their financing to be approved. This delayed the process and changed some funding plans and structures in the business plan, but as Jeff describes it, “Having SBDC assistance with the business plan was crucial to obtaining financing for our business.”

PMP Printing is continuing to grow. With their increased popularity, they are finding great success, with sales exceeding their projected amounts. Currently, PMP employs twelve full-time employees, and as a growing business there is sufficient opportunity for creating new jobs through employee growth.