Glubbers, LLC

Once upon a time, a mom of three struggled to find winter gloves for her children. She bought a pair, but they were too cheap: her oldest put a hole through them on the first day.

So she went back to the store a second time to buy a pair of sturdier gloves. But alas, her youngest found them to be too big and bulky. She couldn't even bend her fingers, and so she refused to wear them.

Determined to find the right gloves, the mom went back to the store a third time. She bought another pair: not too cheap, not too bulky. She thought that she had finally found the perfect pair, but after twenty minutes in the snow, her middle child came in crying because her hands were cold and wet.

Nothing pleased all three children. It seemed to be an unhappy ending, but rather, this was the day that the idea of “Glubbers” was born. This determined mom found a solution by creating a new design that would help kids to stay dry and be cool to keep both kids and parents happy.

Kellie Cookus is the mom who invented Glubbers. Kellie did her homework when she designed her product. Glubbers are textured silicone gloves lined with fleece to keep hands warm and dry. The silicone repels water and forms a watertight seal. Glubbers are 100% environmentally friendly and BPA Free. They have been approved by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. They are durable, will not tear, and are currently available in three colors - black, red and pink - with more colors on the way. When not being worn, they can be held together by a color matching slap band.

When Kellie reached out to the Wilkes Small Business Development Center (SBDC), she had already worked with a manufacturer in China to make several prototypes until Kellie was satisfied with the product. She had also worked with a patent attorney to acquire a provisional patent on the design. To move forward, Kellie needed financing. She worked with the SBDC to develop a business plan and financial projections.

Because Kellie’s business is located in Luzerne County, the SBDC referred her to the Luzerne County Small Business Loan Program for financing. This loan program offers interest at the U.S. Treasury rate plus 1% over ten years: a substantial savings in interest compared to a typical bank loan. Kellie completed her business plan and financials and was approved for a $25,000 loan.

Glubbers can be purchased directly from their website in addition to being available in several specialty stores in Northeastern Pennsylvania. Kellie is currently in negotiations with Dick’s Sporting Goods to have them available in their stores this season.