Michelle Snow Company

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Nakia Stokes, also known as Michelle Snow, left corporate America in early 2013 to start her own business. She had had a great job as a corporate training professional but felt that it was time to move on to do something of her own. She established the Michelle Snow Company and began to build a new image for herself. Most people now know her as Michelle Snow: "Michelle" is her middle name, and she came up with "Snow" to represent a fresh start.

A native of Philadelphia, Michelle’s dream job is to be a motivational speaker. Her company specializes in career coaching for the workplace and training solutions for corporations and non-profits in the areas of leadership and communication. In addition, she provides small business coaching and has formed her own small business networking group. Michelle’s natural energy and passion has attracted many businesses to the Michelle Snow Network where she is motivating businesses to go after their dreams. 

Like manyt start-up business owners, Michelle began by meeting clients in diners and coffee shops. She moved to the Temple University Small Business Development Center (SBDC) Incubator in early 2014 to be able to meet with clients in a professional environment. Her initial focus was to target corporations but she realized her small business network and coaching services were in higher demand. 

Michelle Snow has benefitted from the Temple University SBDC Incubator by being equipped with a supportive, professional, and affordable office to meet and engage clients. She also utilized the assistance of an SBDC consultant to help her set, stay focused on, and meet many goals that she did not consider prior to seeking guidance from the SBDC. Since March of 2014 when she entered the Incubator, she has been able to grow her customer base by obtaining professional clients such as Arcadia University, local charter schools, and over twenty new clients. Her sales have increased ten times compared to previous years, and she has created two new jobs. 

As a result of the growth, Michelle Snow is ready to move on to her own space at Friends Center in downtown Philadelphia beginning January of 2015. She is no longer in need of the assistance of the SBDC Incubator. However, she will continue to provide coaching for small businesses while also being able to offer her own office space for the growing businesses in her network.