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Adam Sitz attended Shippensburg University to pursue a college education. While at Shippensburg, he continued to develop the Amped Apparel business that he started as a teen and that is celebrating its 6-year anniversary this year. Today, Amped Apparel is an action sport and lifestyle clothing brand. Amped also sponsors multiple athletes in various action sports. Amped Apparel’s products include t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, girls' tanks, beanies, accessories, socks, bags, and eyewear. Products are available online at, and Adam has products displayed with three retailers in Pennsylvania. Adam is currently focused on getting his products into more retail outlets.

Adam has overcome many business start-up challenges at this point in his business development. There were many things Adam was not knowledgeable about, such as legal issues and where to access capital. There were many different types of insurance he had to purchase that were costly but necessary due to the nature of the events that they were traveling to. While at Shippensburg, Adam heard about the Shippensburg University Small Business Development Center (SBDC), and after working wtih them, he commented, “My SBDC consultant was a great mentor. She is very knowledgeable and knows business very well.” With his consultant's guidance and the SBDC’s resources, Adam developed his business plan into a professional, data-based business plan that investors would invest in.

One thing that helps set Amped Apparel apart from its competitors is their direct efforts to connect with the consumer. Instead of sitting behind a computer desk taking orders, they go out and interact with action sport fans. They travel tens of thousands of miles each year to events in the Amped Tour Bus to bring the brand to the customer. It’s been that way from the start. Every year, Amped Apparel has a "Party with the Pros" tour, where they travel in the tour bus to action sport events to promote products and connect with fans. It began as just heading to local events of a few hundred people, setting up a table, and selling some shirts and hats. As it took off, Adam bought a tour vehicle and began going to larger events in other states. Soon after, the Amped Tour Bus was purchased. Amped is now spending nearly nine months a year touring the country on their Party with the Pros Tour.

One product that has exceeded expectations is Amped Apparel eyewear. It has done so well that it became its own product line. A two year project, Amped Optics was released in February of 2014 and has its own site as well This line has its own identity with many different styles and designs. As advice to future entrepreneurs, Adam says, “Try and go about it [starting your own business] in the correct way. Consult with the SBDC. It’s easy to not want to spend as much money and time, but by taking the proper steps first, you’re establishing a brand that can grow.”