Ellwood Crankshaft & Machine

    • gannon ellwood

In October of 2014, leadership at Ellwood Group and Ellwood Crankshaft and Machine (ECM) invited several guests to celebrate the groundbreaking for their “new” facility in Sharon (Ellwood Group is a fourth generation-held company and is looking to continue to the fifth). This site was part of the facilities once owned by Westinghouse where operations had ceased for many years in Sharon. Now, once again, a heavy industrial facility will be back in operation. Ellwood will be renovating and cleaning up the property for reuse.

After presentations by President/CEO of Ellwood Group David Barensfeld, President of Ellwood Crankshaft division Brian Taylor, and General Manager for ECM-Sharon Gerhard Epp, a large backhoe was unveiled behind curtains for the official groundbreaking of the site. After one defined cut through concrete and dirt, it was placed in a pile as a symbol of the beginning of the renovations.

The renovations are extensive for this massive project. This facility will be manufacturing some of the world’s largest crankshafts. No one in North America manufactures crankshafts the size that this facility will. The crankshafts will be about 49 feet long and weigh up to 60,000 pounds. They will become part of engines that power large ships for military, cargo, ferry, and cruise ships. Their main competitors are in Germany and Japan. 

The foundation will be so massive that they will have a nonstop stream of trucks delivering 7,000 cubic yards of concrete for the foundation of the press. A large facility was needed, and this site has almost 400,000 square feet. 

The project investment is projected to be over $80 million. Assistance from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania included: $3 million from RACP-City of Sharon, $375,000 from Pennsylvania First, $225,000 in Job Creation Tax Credit, $1 million from the Industrial Sites Reuse Program, a $61,000 Training Grant, $500,000 in Enterprise Zone Tax Credit, and $262,500 from the Rail Freight Assistance Program. 

Ellwood hired an initial team to get the facility prepared and planned for renovations and operation. They will create at least seventy-five new jobs at the facility and anticipate hiring to begin by the end of the second quarter next year. 

The facility is looking forward to a ribbon cutting ceremony in the upcoming months planned by the Gannon University Small Business Development Center.