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aEONRG (pronounced “eon-ergy”) was founded by William Belknap and his wife Cass Forkin in March of 2012. Bill served for twenty years in the US Army and 10 years with Pfizer, Inc. within Global Operations and has vast experience in project management. Bill sought to establish a business aimed at lending his thirty years of progressive experience in construction project management to the government and corporate market. Although he had extensive experience in his field, Bill was not fully knowledgeable on how to apply his skills and expertise to the government realm. Additionally, without prior past performance specifically with the government, he knew it would be an obstacle for aEONRG to ‘break into’ the market to establish a positive record. Finally, Bill and Cass were interested in obtaining a Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Business certification and were navigating the paperwork and process for certification.
Kutztown University Small Business Development Center PTAC consultants George Boehm and Nicole Barrett-Strake assisted Bill and Cass with the different aspects of starting, developing, and operating a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business. After an initial meeting and engagement letter, George and Nicole helped get aEONRG up and running with opportunities and a focus on where to aim their efforts. Nicole set up aEONRG with the free bid-matching program, designed to locate and e-mail relevant opportunities to small business owners. The PTAC’s education on locating and responding to federal, state, and local opportunities was invaluable to aEONRG’s success. Bill and Cass were proactive in identifying these opportunities, and once they found a solicitation they wished to explore, George and Nicole assisted with the process of responding to an RFP (request for proposal). As Bill gains further experience in business and in marketing to the government, he continues to work with Nicole in finding and responding to opportunities. aEONRG is a wonderful example of a hard-working, diligent small business that thrives on persistence and a undeniably strong work ethic.
Since April of 2013, we are pleased to announce that aEONRG has been awarded eight contracts within both the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the federal government, amounting to over $435,000 in secured contracts. They look to continue their outstanding performance, executing contracts to gain valuable experience and demonstrate a proven track record with the government.