Light Shield Products LLC

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Steve Brion, owner and CEO of Light Shield Products LLC, has over 25 years of experience in search and rescue including roles as Police Chief, Fire Lieutenant, First Captain and Second Captain Firefighter/EMT. Throughout his career, he noticed problems with the lights available for firefighter helmets. Existing methods made the helmet clumsy and heavy, and did not allow for adjustable directional lighting –critical necessities for those putting their lives on the line.
Seeking to turn his ideas into a successful business, Steve reached out to the Lock Haven Small Business Development Center (SBDC), who helped him in business plan development, market research, competitor analysis, identifying sources of funding, and the basics of accounting.
His business consultant also helped connect him with the specialty Engineering Development Services (EDS) offered by the SBDC at Bucknell University. To help develop his concept prototypes for the “Level Light” into a real-world product, engineering staff and student consultants helped with computer aided design and advised on manufacturing processes. The Bucknell Small Business Development Center then made use of its NextEngine 3D Scanner and MakerBot Replicator™ 2 Desktop 3D Printer to design and produce several more prototypes of Steve’s designs. Using the business planning guidance provided by the Lock Haven SBDC along with the designs and prototypes created by Bucknell’s SBDC, he arrived at a final product design to move Light Shield Products LLC forward.
Steve credits the SBDCs’ assistance directly in helping Light Shield in obtaining the investments necessary to turn his idea into a reality. Sales of the new Level Light product began with its launch in May 2013 and new jobs have been created in sales, marketing, and accounting. Light Shield is growing by expanding its sales to new markets, including its first international sale to Canada, and by continuing to find new industries and applications for its products. Light Shield is now "lighting your way forward" with quality, versatility and affordability for search and rescue personnel and is available from retailers throughout the country.