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Industrial Heat Solutions (IHS) is a start-up company designed to provide value-added services into the specialty metals industry. This company provides the process of heat treating to the specialty metals used in the aerospace and nuclear industries. IHS provides precise and prompt tempering, annealing and hardening of metallic alloys.

With an established quality control system equivalent to ISO 9001 and a fully automated heat treat system, the quality of processing will set a high benchmark from the start. The current facility will allow for expansion plans commensurate with need. The long term outlook of IHS is the controlled growth and profit within an industry that will be sustained for many years to come. Much of the heat treatments that will be performed will be for the U.S. Navy to maintain the fleet nuclear reactors.

Targeted customers are typically metal fabricators within a local or regional area. Many fabricators serve a single primary market such as auto or highway construction and may depend on a few large customers. When the market softens, the fabricator has less demand, in turn reducing demand for coating and finishing companies. IHS will fill the gap in lead times by providing local businesses a means to increase their turnaround rate of production. Operating locally and having the ability to quickly complete the required process, IHS will give these companies a means to be competitive and provide their customers with a higher degree of prompt service. Within Westmoreland County there are over 250 machine shops that require heat treating of some sort throughout the year. Including the surrounding counties almost triples the number of machining facilities to 736 in the Western Pennsylvania region.

IHS will operate as a Pennsylvania Partnership. Dennis Petrosky will serve as the President. Timothy Hebrank will serve as the Quality Control Manager. Nicolas Rosatti will serve as the COO and Director of Sales. Their management team has 25 years of combined experience in this industrial field, with 15 of these years at the industrial management level.

Nicholas first approached the Saint Vincent College Small Business Development Center (SBDC) in early 2012 with the goal of completing the business planning process to acquire funding. The first step was to develop a Business Plan with Financial Projections to show the anticipated growth potential. The second step was to start having conversations with area lenders to gauge their interest in the project. Along with their equity investment, the partners have acquired the needed financing and launched their business in 2013.

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