Whitey's Peetza & Eatery

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Steve and Megan White opened Whitey’s Peetza & Eatery in January of 2010. They made a significant investment in taking over and upgrading the facility. Within 1 ½ years of acquisition, they had put in a steel superstructure over a 30 seat patio and covered it with attractive canvas, added another open air patio, added a parking lot, paved both the existing and new lot, and undertook significant improvements to the kitchen.

They had taken a location with a spotty history and turned it into a popular family friendly restaurant. The public response was strong and sales were climbing. The Whites believed that the business still needed further improvement and that the existing facilities were limiting their ability to grow. They wished to further improve the business by adding square footage to the back banquet room, expanding the interior seating capacity, further upgrading the kitchen and back of the house, and adding a small bar to enable serving mixed drinks with meals. A 1,400 square foot addition was planned to help accommodate the envisioned changes.

The Indiana University of Pennsylvania Small Business Development Center (SBDC) analyzed historical financials along with the clients, and helped put together an expansion plan that traced the history of the restaurant's rapid growth in sales to justify the expansion to the banking community.

The expansion was undertaken and the client was able to expand seating capacity to 220. The renovations helped reinforce the brand identity and image of the location as a quality, family friendly place to have dinner. The response to the expansion has been overwhelming and exceeded the owner’s expectations. The investments made by the Whites have transformed the location into a first-class facility, a beneficial attraction for the community, and added to the tax base.

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