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Transport Designs, Inc. is an industry-leading manufacturer of custom motorhomes, toterhomes, and enclosed trailers. Steve Mattie has been the owner of Transport Designs, Inc. since opening shop in 1988. The Matties realized that running a successful and profitable small business takes not only great products and superior service, but also innovation. They began reviewing their energy bills. The Matties wanted to spend more on employee benefits and manufacturing equipment rather than monthly utility expenses.

In January 2009, they sought the help of the Pennsylvania SBDC's Environmental Management Assistance Program (EMAP) consultant at the Lock Haven University Small Business Development Center (SBDC) to start exploring ways to reduce those utility bills. The EMAP consultant performed an on-site energy assessment and began by recommending areas in which improvements and upgrades could be made. The EMAP consultant analyzed their annual utility bills and provided a comprehensive energy assessment report. 

The Matties were very happy with the results of their first energy savings project, and decided to go forward with another energy savings upgrade. Once again, they worked with the EMAP Consultant and began to develop plans to upgrade their inefficient lighting. In July 2011, they applied for and were awarded another DEP SBAG to upgrade the lighting in the manufacturing area of their facility. The grant was worth $7,500 to assist with the total project cost of $15,078. They replaced their 400 watt metal halide lamps with 52 (6-lamp) T8 fixtures w/electronic ballasts. The lighting upgrade reduced electricity costs with an estimated annual savings of $4,896. The lighting project equates to reductions in electric consumption by 44,509 kWh while reducing carbon emissions by over 22.2 tons! 

Through the innovative and proactive approach to energy efficiency, Transport Design, Inc. has demonstrated a commitment to the public’s best interest.  With limited renewable fuel resources, every effort made to reduce energy consumption helps insure that there is some left for future generations. The Matties' success demonstrates that there are cost effective ways to make capital improvements to reduce energy consumption, and consequently reduce overall operating costs.

In the summer of 2009, the Matties applied for their first Department of Environmental Protection’s (DEPs) Small Business Advantage Grant (SBAG) with the assistance of EMAP.  They decided that an appropriate first project would be one that would take less time to implement. They choose to install insulation on their roof. The total project cost $15,200, but when they were awarded the DEP SBAG in the amount of $7,500 (the maximum value allowed), the upgrade only cost $7,700. The insulation project resulted in savings of $475 annually. The insulation project equates to reductions in electric consumption by 4,318 kWh while reducing carbon emissions by over 3 tons. This simple upgrade not only provided Transport Design, Inc. with savings, but also provided their customers and staff with a more comfortable working environment.

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