TM Industrial Supply

Established in 1976, TM Industrial Supply originally focused on the manufacturing of separators, receivers, pulsation dampening bottles, and knockout pots for the air and gas markets. In 1986, the Fluid Engineering division of TM Industrial Supply was established to design and manufacture specialized strainers used in the power generation, utility, wastewater, and water treatment markets.

In 1996, the Envirovision Mosular Systems division of TM Industrial Supply was created to focus on water purification, with products such as strainers, bag filters, sand filtration systems, and ozone disinfection packages. In 2009, the TM Filtration division was established with a focus on TM’s newly patented GFC cleanable coalescing technology in the compressed air and gas filtration markets.

In 2011, management saw potential to become a supplier to the emerging shale industry, and applied for a loan with Ben Franklin Technology. Proceeds from this loan would allow the company to fund new prototypes, API Specs, computer systems, and market development in the shale industry.

Heather Steiner and her colleagues have worked with the Gannon University Small Business Development Center (SBDC) for many years in areas of international trade, EMAP, and financial forecasting. She once again called on the Gannon SBDC to assist with the financial projections needed for the Ben Franklin proposal. The SBDC worked with the client to develop the forecasts, as well as give an overview of historial performance.

The Ben Franklin loan of $235,000 was approved and the company received the funds in September 2012.

The company anticipates its revenue from the shale industry to reach at least $1.5 million in 2013. Excluding shale, sales have averaged 18% increases from 2010 to 2012. For 2013, sales are expected to exceed $8 million.

With the shale division, three new employees have been hired, bringing TM Industrial's total to 33. If shale sales continue to grow as expected, another 4 to 6 jobs may be created over the next year.