South Hills Power Yoga

Stacey Vespaziani took her first yoga class in college to fulfill a physical education credit requirement, and from that moment on, she was hooked. Vespaziani started her business, South Hills Power Yoga, in 2010. The studio offers power yoga classes, a form of more vigorous yoga that is performed in heated rooms at temperatures between 90 to 95 degrees Farenheit. She self-funded the entire first location, which is located in Dormont. In 2012, Vespaziani saw the need to expand beyond her original location due to the high demand from people in Washington County and surrounding areas. When she found out what it would cost for equipment, inventory, and leasehold improvements, she decided to learn more about the financing options that might be available.

Vespaziani was referred to the University of Pittsburgh Small Business Development Center (SBDC) by a local lender for assistance in putting together a financial package to apply for financing. The SBDC worked with Vespaziani to analyze her differing income streams and financial performance at her first location. Her consultant used that information to put together projections for Vespaziani's second location. The SBDC also assisted Vespaziani in putting together a business plan to apply for financing.

Vespaziani was approved for a loan of $35,000 and opened her second studio in January 2013 in Peters Township, allowing her to better serve customers in Washington County. South Hills Power Yoga was voted 2012’s best yoga studio in Pittsburgh by the Pittsburgh City Paper.

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