HighBeta, LLC.

The Jump Start Incubator is very proud to highlight Michael Colón, founder of HighBeta LLC. Along with RB Legal Counsel LLC, HighBeta LLC is the very first on-campus client of the Jump Start Incubator. HighBeta LLC is a mobile gaming company that creates apps for Apple devices and computers. Colón says, “My customers are looking for something fun, exciting, and different."

HighBeta LLC was started as a freelance web development company while Colón was working in integration technology for other companies. Back in early 2010 when Colón was establishing the company, the mobile phone market was exploding. He realized that transitioning to mobile development and working with the intuitive touchscreen interface used on the iPhone and iPad presented an unmistakable opportunity. “It’s a game changer,” he said of the touchscreen interface.  It was what he been waiting for to make his move.

Colón knew that it was time to enter mobile app development based on his experience writing two games for his then one-year old daughter. He says that she watched the rest of the family playing with their Apple devices. The interface was so intuitive and accessible that she wanted to play with them, too. His first two games, Pop! and Rooms for Toddlers, were attempts to create age-appropriate educational games for his daughter. After writing the games, he decided to put them up on the Apple’s App Store, where they sold well despite him not marketing them at all. In fact, they sold well enough to an audience all around the world that Colón decided to concentrate on developing apps under HighBeta LCC full time.

Colón was looking for an office to work out of when he heard about the incubator through Kutztown University Small Business Development Center’s (SBDC) newsletter. In 2010 when he was establishing HighBeta LLC, he met with the SBDC. As a Kutztown University alumnus he was drawn to the resource, and found the website’s On-Demand Online Learning Programs to be a great resource. “The site had answers to the questions I was asking, and it had answers to questions I didn’t even know that I had,” he said. Based on that experience with the SBDC, becoming an on-campus client of the Jump Start Incubator made sense for Colón and HighBeta LLC.

Colón decided that it was not cost-effective to get his own office, and felt that he would have to change his vision in order to fit into other spaces. He says, “Being in the JumpStart facility is really a dream come true. The opportunities and benefits of being part of the incubator are without comparison in Berks County. It puts a huge amount of help and resources at my fingertips. HighBeta has an opportunity to execute its business plan like it never did before.” Colón credits being in a community of like-minded entrepreneurs as invaluable, even though each entrepreneur’s individual goals are all very different.

The Jump Start Incubator is working with HighBeta,LLC to establish goals and milestones, and to develop an effective marketing plan. Colón says that the biggest challenge in having his own business is having five different jobs to do but only being one person, and that, “to balance that effectively you have to be willing to learn things and recognize that you don’t know everything”. HighBeta LLC is currently developing additional games for release this year. He hopes to expand and add an additional programmer to the company next year.  To other entrepreneurs he offers a piece of advice: “Start small and think big.”

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