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Brad Bason of Danville, PA came to the Bucknell University Small Business Development Center (SBDC) in February 2012 with hopes of turning his passion for coffee into a full time business. After working in sales for the past 20 years, he purchased a coffee roaster and began to dabble in coffee roasting in September 2007, honing his food science roasting skills to produce whole bean and ground-roasted coffee for friends and family, who couldn’t seem to get enough. He decided to get serious, and purchased a high-quality Turkish-made coffee roaster.

With the encouragement and support of his wife, Bason soon realized that he wanted to take his hobby to the next level by dedicating all of his time and effort to creating a full-time, high-quality coffee roasting business. Bason, like many clients, had a great business concept, but needed assistance with creating a business plan. Along with the business plan, he also recognized the importance of having a marketing plan to sell his flavorful products.  After attending a First Step Workshop, he came to the Bucknell SBDC for assistance.

The SBDC helped Bason walk through his business plan, including an industry and competitive analysis. It also assisted him in identifying target markets for his high quality Arabica coffees, which included,select wholesale and retail accounts, private label coffee for local businesses, and a wide array of fundraisers including schools, churches and athletic teams. From there, Bason continued to work with an SBDC consultant to forge a sales and marketing plan that included direct sales and social media marketing, which Bason successfully implemented. Bason Coffee is now sold at many prominent local retail locations and has become the private label fundraiser of choice for an ever-increasing list of schools, churches and athletic organizations across Pennsylvania and several other states.

Since beginning his relationship with the SBDC, through much hard work and focus, Bason has realized his vision of making Bason Coffee Roasting his full-time business. In addition to many outstanding full-bodied coffees, he offers an ever-expanding array of flavored coffees, from caramel to vanilla to Irish crème. This year Bason Coffee will also expand its product offering with unique coffee-inspired gift baskets for the holiday season.

Throughout 2012, the company has realized double-digit sales growth month after month. Bason is planning to expand to a new, larger facility in spring 2013, which will also create several new jobs.  In addition, Bason Coffee is implementing improvements to the website in order to boost online sales. As Bason Coffee Roasting continues to grow, Bason maintains his relationship with the SBDC, seeking input on product packaging, marketing, new product development, new automated equipment purchases, and potential partnering opportunities. Bason Coffee is on track to continue smelling the coffee-filled aroma of success.

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