Stacy Mahle’s Family Hair Care

Stacy Mahle’s Family Hair Care is a newly established beauty salon serving the Strattanville area of Clarion County. The salon focuses on accommodating individuals of all ages. The venture started with the whole family on board as a Mahle family project with Stacy at the helm.

Stacy worked as a stylist for over twenty years in several different salons, with the dream of opening her own shop. With the support of her family and an established clientele, she started developing the plans for the design and layout of the salon. The salon would be situated adjacent to their home, conveniently located just over two miles from State Route 66, and five miles south of Clarion. Stacy’s husband assisted with the construction of the 24’ X 28’ salon that included a reception area, stylist station, sink station, and a tanning room.

The salon offers full-services, including hair care, waxing and tanning products and services. With an established reputation as a talented stylist, Stacy’s artistic flair is readily apparent as soon as you enter her shop. The atmosphere and décor are warm and inviting.

Stacy approached the Clarion University Small Business Development Center (SBDC) for help to plan her business. "The process was awesome,” she says describing how the SBDC made her think about the profile of her customer base, identify the costs associated with opening her business and manage her cash to ensure she could pay back her loan. With her business plan, she supplemented her personal investment and secured $25,000 to build and furnish her salon.

Stacy Mahle’s Family Hair Care opened in May 2012, successfully retained her following, and has added sixty new clients.