Morning Plastering and Stucco, Inc.

    • noel morning

Noel Morning, founder of Morning Plastering and Stucco, Inc.

Noel Morning has been in the construction industry for over ten years. Raised in Ireland, where buildings are meticulously constructed from cinder blocks, Noel learned the art of plastering and stucco at a young age. He has extensive experience in the industry, as a plasterer and manager of his own business. After he married, he joined the Plasters Union in order to obtain health insurance benefits for his wife and children.

However, Noel still desired to have his own business again. In late 2011, an opportunity emerged as Noel’s childhood friend and neighbor from Ireland decided to return to his home land. He approached Noel with the opportunity to acquire the customer base and equipment of his established plastering and stucco company.

In January 2012, Noel went to the Widener SBDC while in the process of building relationships with current customers and dreaming of expanding into new markets. The only obstacle was the need for $80,000 to purchase his friend’s business, pay the licensing fees, and begin operating.

The SBDC worked with Noel to prepare a loan application to First State Community Loan Fund, a financial institution that provides loans to community-based organizations and entrepreneurs. First State had recently expanded to the southeastern Pennsylvania region and the Widener SBDC was eager to make a connection and build a mutually beneficial relationship. The First State’s Technical Assistance Coordinator was extremely helpful and supportive as Noel began gathering the necessary documents needed for the loan application.

The SBDC provided guidance and assistance throughout this process. They helped Noel put together a loan package that summarized the business operations and potential for future growth. Seasonality is a large factor in the construction industry and time was of the essence in closing the loan deal. Noel submitted his loan application in March and received approval of the loan in April.

Noel operates under the business name, Morning Stucco and Plastering, Inc. In his words, the Widener SBDC helped him make his idea a reality and simplified a difficult situation into actionable and attainable steps to fulfill his desire to be a business owner again.