• ribbon cutting bryan slater

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for the Grand Opening of Pure MMA, LLC.

Bryan Slater has always been a fan of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Professional Fighting. Through his enjoyment of the sport, he was able to meet several of the professional fighters and became friends with one of the fighters. It was through this friendship and love of the sport that Bryan decided to open his own MMA promotion business.

Bryan approached the Wilkes University Small Business Development Center (SBDC) in summer 2011, seeking advice on how to start the business and develop a plan. The Wilkes University SBDC worked with Bryan and provided him with the research findings and information he needed for permit and licensure compliance, insurance needs, and to be able to make an informed decision as to what type of structure he should use to start the business.

Bryan worked on a draft of a business plan and relied on the advice of his Wilkes University SBDC consultant to make sure he had examined all sides of his business idea. Based up the information provided by the Wilkes University SBDC, he felt ready to begin business operations.

At the start of the business promotion, Bryan once again worked with the Wilkes University SBDC to organize a ribbon cutting event and publicize an upcoming MMA event he organized and promoted. The event was well attended by local legislator’s offices and received publicity in the local papers.

With two successful promotion events under his belt, Bryan is confidently moving forward with the business. He plans to continue working with the Wilkes University SBDC as the business grows to expand his plans. Bryan’s long term goals are to develop the business into a full MMA training center to develop and promote local talent.