Inventz Inc.

Inventz, Inc. was established in Sayre, PA in November 2008 by Rick St. Pierre. Rick’s vision was to create a world class company, built on integrity that will design and bring to market a wide variety of innovative products devoted to enhancing people’s lives.

Inventz, Inc. realized the need for a safer, more productive, food preparation tool for use in food service industries where cutting large, hard fruits and vegetables such as watermelons and squash can pose safety risks. Realizing that further design and engineering assistance was required, Rick sought assistance from Bucknell Small Business Development Center (SBDC)’s Engineering Development Services.

Student and staff engineering consultants assisted in the design and prototyping of preliminary models of the SafeSlicer™ for testing and refining the form, fit, and function of the design. They developed computer aided design (CAD) models, suggested design improvements, recommended manufacturing processes, conducted patent and competitive research, and researched National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) standards for consumer product safety. With these plans and drawings in hand, Rick and his development team were able to advance from prototype to final product.

The SafeSlicer™ is now available and has the potential to significantly reduce worker compensation claims due to accidents. Rick notes that over the past year, sales have exceeded $20,000 for the SafeSlicer™. Assistance from the SBDC helped Inventz, Inc. maintain the viability of 2 jobs and is helping the company plan toward future product expansions.