New York Fashion House

Marjorie Viard has always had a love of all things fashion. Over the years, she had made small purchases of the latest shoe and purse designs from New York and had sold them on a small hobby level to local teenage and college girls at prom and formal dance times. She knew that she wanted to have her own boutique one day when she was able to afford and operate it efficiently.

Fastforward a few years to 2010. Marjorie approached the Greater Hazleton Chamber of Commerce and was given the name of the Wilkes University Small Business Development Center (SBDC). She quickly made her initial appointment and was shown what registration forms she needed to fill out as well as the proper way to construct a functional business plan.

Over the next few months, Marjorie worked very closely with her consultants to refine her plan and to hone her business skills. She was shown creative marketing tips, bookkeeping methods and how to communicate with suppliers and customers. During this time, she also made numerous trips to New York City to see the latest designs and to speak with distributors.

Shortly thereafter, she was able to finish her business plan after she signed a lease to locate her boutique. She spent the next few weeks getting the location ready for opening. During this time, she kept in contact with her consultants and asked them many questions dealing with daily operations.

Eventually, a grand opening ceremony was scheduled about 2 weeks after her initial soft opening. Many local business leaders and political figures were in attendance and were impressed by her hard work and determination.

During the festivities, Marjorie stated to the media that she is a proud member of the Wilkes SBDC and learned more than she could have ever imagined. She said that she views her consultants as a part of her own family and looks to them for future advice as she soon plans to add additional clothing and accessory items. She added that she would not be in business today if it were not for the hard work of the SBDC.

New York Fashion House is now an international fashion boutique, which specializes in popular and high quality shoes and accessories. Its mission is to deliver the latest and greatest looks and trends to customers through quality service and at reasonable prices.

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Marjorie Augistin received start-up assistance from the Wilkes SBDC to open New York Fashion House.