MLP Reporting, Inc.

In 1992, Maureen L. Pritchard started MLP Reporting, Inc. in Lock Haven, PA. She began her career as a registered court reporter in the early 1980s and worked at the Clearfield County Courthouse. After working for a court reporting agency in Harrisburg and traveling to central Pennsylvania, she saw the need for a court reporting business in Clinton County.

The services provided by MLP Reporting, Inc. include transcription services for depositions, preliminary hearings, and meetings. MLP Reporting, Inc. employs five individuals who cover a large section of central Pennsylvania — traveling in a 100-mile radius from Lock Haven.

Additionally, Maureen performs captioning services, as needed. She has provided captioning at Penn State University for distinguished speakers, such as: James Earl Jones, Erin Brockovich, Christopher Reeves, Mya Angelou, Dr. Ruth, Soledad O’Brien, LeVar Burton, and Howard Dean. She also does individual professor-to-student captioning for the hearing-impaired.

In 1999, Maureen sought the services at the Lock Haven University Small Business Development Center (SBDC). She met with business consultant, Nicole Rall-Miller, for assistance with setting up QuickBooks software for the business. They continued to contact the LHU SBDC periodically throughout the years as they continued to fine-tune the bookkeeping system and as questions arose re: accounting and payroll tax issues.

Maureen contacted the LHU SBDC again in July 2009 after she discovered serious problems with her business’s finances. An employee had been misappropriating funds. As is the case with many owners of closely held companies, she entrusted the management of the business finances to this person and trusted them implicitly. However, after finding the fraud, she severed this individual’s employment with her business.

One of the most egregious discoveries she made was that the payroll taxes had not been paid or reporting for a year. Maureen immediately began contacting the taxing agencies to determine which taxes (and how much) were owed. The LHU SBDC assisted Maureen through this process by providing tax compliance services including re-educating her re: the payroll tax withholding, depositing, and reporting requirements. She made a huge, personal sacrifice by withdrawing funds from her young son’s college education savings to pay the delinquent payroll taxes, fines, and penalties that had accrued.

Not only had the payroll taxes gone unpaid, but also the accounts receivable collections had gotten out-of-control, and a large credit card liability had accumulated. Maureen was forced to press charges against the employee, and the employee was found guilty and is paying restitution. Maureen learned a valuable business lesson in a very hard way. She now has a system of checks and balances in place to prevent this from happening again.

Maureen’s business was in a crisis just one year ago, and she was contemplating closing the doors. However, she persevered and, with the help of the LHU SBDC, MLP Reporting, Inc. is thriving once again.