See Jane Ride

In the Fall of 2009, three friends, Kristin Peterson, Carla Myers, and Maria Wherley were discussing the idea of transforming their passion for riding bicycles into a business opportunity.

Carla, an avid cyclist and artist, is a licensed attorney. Kristin has traveled the world and has led tours in Alaska and the Yukon, herded large groups of students through New York City, and introduced people to our nation's capital.  Kristin has lived in France and Italy. Maria Scalzi Wherley is an avid cyclist and runner and former road, mountain bike, and triathlon racer. All three ladies love the outdoors and are certified in Wilderness First Aid.

Kristin took the lead on the “yet to be defined” business and sought out the assistance of the Penn State Small Business Development Center (SBDC). Kristin attended the First Step of Starting a Business seminar in September 2009. In the weeks following, Kristin and her partners met regularly with a Penn State Small Business Development Center (SBDC) business consultant. 

In the following months, the SBDC assisted Kristin and her partners in researching various tour groups and, more specifically, bicycle tour operators. In addition to market research, the SBDC also assisted Kristin and her team in the development of a business plan and financial projections. 

By working with the Penn State SBDC, Kristin and her partners decided that starting a bicycle touring business that targets women would be a unique business model in Central Pennsylvania. 

In March of 2010, Kristin, Carla, and Maria officially established See Jane Ride LLC. Prior to the official start of the business, the group purchased a fleet of 15 bicycles that will be used for the tours. The bicycles are customized for women and all the tours will have guides.

Bicycle tours are typically one and a half days and feature unique stops along the way and accommodations. The partnerships that have been created with Bed and Breakfasts create a unique and fun place for the customers to stay during the rides. Rides also have stops for eating and other activities. Some rides will even have opportunities for customers to receive massages or to attend yoga sessions.

Kristin and her partners are truly grateful for all the assistance received from the SBDC. The See Jane Ride founders are thrilled to start their business and hope to continue to inspire and empower women through bicycling.