Precision Wire Products, Inc.

A family-owned business, Precision Wire Products, Inc. has been manufacturing filter wire cages and replacement cages for over 30 years.  Their in-house tooling capabilities provide them with the flexibility of producing top, bottom, side and split type cages per customer requests.

Precision Wire also offers expertise and technology for other wire products such as rings, racks, 3-D wire formed parts, stamped flatstock, and spun metal goods.  

Recently, General Manager Bryan Pryce was looking to improve the building envelope as well as the lighting in his manufacturing space. He contacted the Indiana University of Pennsylvania Small Business Development Center (SBDC) after being referred to an environmental consultant with the Environmental Management Assistance Program (EMAP) by his insulation contractor.

The environmental consultant performed an on-site energy assessment. She was instrumental in informing Mr. Pryce about the potential opportunities available to him through the Department of Environmental Protection’s (DEP) Small Business Energy Efficiency Grant (SBEEG). 

The consultant also assisted Mr. Pryce with the completion of the grant application. Lighting and insulation improvements were estimated to be about $45,000. The application request for 25% of that amount was submitted to DEP in early March of this year, and subsequently approved for the full amount in May.

The energy efficiency improvements have been completed, and include installation of high efficiency T-8 fixtures as well as the addition of a drop ceiling and ceiling insulation.

These upgrades are estimated to result in annual savings of over 8,900 kWh of electricity and over 3,950 therms of natural gas — which means a total cost savings of over $6,500 annually for the company. In addition to the annual savings on kWh and therms and the associated economics, the upgrade will result in emissions reductions of over 7 tons annually.

The consultant’s knowledge of the evaluation process for eligibility as well as the application made the process smooth and seamless for the company. The SBDC and Precision Wire look forward to working together in future endeavors.