Moore Aviation

Moore Aviation Inc., located in Beaver County, has the distinction of calling itself one of the oldest functioning flight schools in the United States. It has been training students to fly since 1938 and offers a variety of flight options for all careers in aviation. Throughout the years, Moore Aviation has continued to seek ways to expand financially and give more people the gift of flight.

Teaching clients to fly is an exciting yet expensive business. Moore Aviation came to the University of Pittsburgh Small Business Development Center (SBDC) with ideas for business growth and sought assistance developing an extensive financial plan. Speaking on behalf of Moore Aviation, Thomas Prendergast was especially interested in securing state funding to expand the business.

An experienced consultant at the Pitt SBDC and team of students met with Prendergast to begin developing a financial plan for the business. When he first came to the SBDC, Prendergast worked with consultants on where to find the appropriate funding for the company. Many hours were then put into critiquing the business plan formed by Moore Aviation with the SBDC and the variety of financing options the SBDC introduced to the company.

The team and client worked to develop a sales schedule and update plans based upon financial projections. As they worked to develop a plan and discuss bank loans, the team began projecting Moore Aviation’s financial future. The SBDC and Moore Aviation wanted to compile the most through reports possible to secure funding and satisfy the company’s budget. Throughout the process, the SBDC worked diligently with Prendergast to make sure the business plan and financial projections were in line with the company’s sales. In the end, all parties were satisfied with the resulting plans and predicted financial success.

Moore Aviation received a $10 million loan to expand the business. Moore Aviation’s interest in expansion coincided with a large project to enhance the local airport and extend the runway. Given the pending investment in the airport, Moore Aviation has risen in prominence in the minds of the county developers, potentially increasing the demand for business.

The business has increased both its fleet and its staff. “Moore Aviation is in a much better position due to the help of the Pitt SBDC,” Prendergast said. “If this isn’t a success thus far, I don’t know what else they would have to do!”