Thinking Green Systems

Thinking Green Systems has brought home building materials into the eco-friendly era, providing insulation services in any building. What sets this venture apart is a new product called BioBased 501. This has taken the place of traditional insulation and offers more benefits than just keeping a structure warm or cool. Along with selling a great product, owner Chet Shank’s passion for home building has made this company prosper.

Shank first became interested in this new product at a building convention. Before plunging into this new business venture, Shank researched BioBased 501 to estimate how it would stand up to other alternatives in the market. He also studied other companies to get an idea of their profit margin and to see how they operated.

“I analyzed many aspects of this industry for a total of three years before I invested into Thinking Green Systems,” said Shank. The thorough research he did prior to investing set him up for his future success.

BioBased 501 is made up primarily of soybean oil and polyurethane. Since over 600,000 American farmers grow this crop it is very easy to obtain. The liquid is installed by using a using water-blown gun and then expands to fill every space and crevice. This formula does not contain any CFC’s, HFC’s or formaldehyde. This has made it safe for homes and a top choice in schools.

Upon starting up Thinking Green Systems, Shank encountered some problems, namely how he would find the funds to purchase the costly equipment and where he could find trained employees. He was unsure of how to budget his money to put everything in place so he could officially open. Although Shank had been working in the home building business for more than 15 years, he was hesitant to move forward in pursuing the specialty market without professional assistance.

Shank heard about the Shippensburg University Small Business Development Center (SBDC) through Representative Rob Kauffman. “I had built a home for his sister, and in talking about my business ideas he informed me of a service that helps other people develop and start their own business,” said Shank. Soon after hearing about the SBDC, he teamed up with the center to move forward with his business and plan a grand opening.

Cheryl Young of the SBDC helped develop a solid marketing plan for Shank before making any business decisions. “Cheryl has made my transition into business very smooth, she kept me on track in the direction I needed to go and gave me a lot of support,” said Shank. The SBDC also helped create marketing ideas and informed Shank of other centers and banks that could provide him with further assistance.

Shank's passion for home improvement has given him much success. His business steadily grows as more people continue to hear about his services. This Shippensburg native works throughout the Cumberland County area and Northern Maryland. Shank states that he will continue to keep in close contact with the SBDC for additional assistance as Thinking Green Systems expands.