Solar Revolution

In just six months, John Purvis saw sales reach the $2 million mark for his new business. Solar Revolution, which Purvis opened in July 2008, offers residential PV Electric Systems, commercial PV Electric Systems, water heating and pool heating/components.

Purvis came to the Gannon Univeristy Small Business Development Center (SBDC) for assistance on start-up issues, funding, and business plan preparation. The SBDC assisted in all of these areas and provided financial projections which the client has greatly exceeded.

Many were skeptical about starting a solar power business in the area due to the lack of sunshine in winter months. However, this has obviously not deterred business: sales grew to three times the projected level and more customers are acquired weekly.

Renewable energy technologies are much friendlier to the environment than conventional energy. Renewable energy technologies can produce heat and electricity with very low or no amount of carbon dioxide emissions.

The more efficient use of energy throughout our country results in less money spent on energy by homeowners, schools, government, businesses and industries while reducing pollution and environmental degradation.

Even though sales are high now, the client knows a small business owner must be proactive rather than reactive. Purvis plans to continue to seek the SBDC’s expertise in marketing and advertising to position the company for future growth.