Joe Serkoch and Chris Lewis lost their corporate positions producing television commercials. Their entire department was eliminated due to cutbacks related to the down economy.

With only two months until their official separation date, the enthusiastic young professionals teamed up with a local freelance web designer. Collectively they founded and built ORIONVEGA. They began their operations just in time to make a seamless transition from their old positions to the new company, creating video, web and print media for local, regional and national companies.

As a new company of four young professionals, the ORIONVEGA team realized that they needed to learn more about how to manage and market their company. They had heard about Small Business Development Centers from a friend and leveraged the Self Employment Assistance (SEA) Program searching the web.

Having been accepted by the SEA program, Joe and Chris received 20 hours of training at Duquesne University Small Business Development Center (SBDC). Their training covered all vital areas of business start-up: business planning, marketing and promotion, and financial projections.

At the end of the training program, Joe and Chris started working in person with their SBDC consultant, discussing their current managerial and marketing challenges in detail as well as working on their business plan. Their consultant directed their managerial efforts by teaching them how to research and analyze the market, handle client and supplier relationships, promote their business and create financial projections.

Growing revenue allowed ORIONVEGA to sustain employees and upgrade their equipment. The team beat their first sales goal.

Through numerous discussions with their SBDC consultant, Joe and Chris have learned to forecast their revenue and expenses more realistically and anticipate what they were not anticipating.

ORIONVEGA is optimistically looking forward to the expansion of their business and feels confident that their SBDC consultant will help them overcome their business growth challenge. Be it dealing directly with clients or with the less familiar business end, the burgeoning company has attained valuable knowledge through its SBDC experience.

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Chris Lewis adjusts the lighting during a commercial shoot.