McGinnis Special Food Stores

Ms. Noreen Campbell and her two sisters own and operate McGinnis Special Food Stores, a family owned business since 1946. In 1981 the three sisters, Bonnie, Sharon, and Noreen assumed full ownership of the company with three locations in two counties just outside the City of Pittsburgh. McGinnis Sisters is a well known grocery store providing high standards for quality, competitive pricing and excellent service.

In 2008 Noreen attended an energy workshop sponsored by the DEP. She met Lee Ann Briggs, environmental consultant with the University of Pittsburgh Small Business Development Center’s (SBDC) Environmental Management Assistance Program (EMAP). Ms. Campbell  was interested in upgrading the then existing T-12 fluorescent lighting fixtures with magnetic ballasts and incandescent lighting fixtures to high efficiency T-8 fluorescents with electronic ballasts and CFL throughout their 20,000 SF Monroeville facility.

The SBDC was instrumental in informing Ms. Campbell of the potential opportunity available to her through the Department of Environmental Protection’s Small Business Advantage Grant (SBAG). The environmental consultant assisted Ms. Campbell with completing the grant application. In October 2008, DEP awarded McGinnis Sisters  their requested full eligible amount of $7,500.

Installation activities were completed in the fall of 2008. The total project cost was $20,124. McGinnis Sisters committed to pay $12,624. 

Upgrading the T-12 fixtures and incandescent to T-8 fixtures and CFL, respectively will result in an annual savings of approximately 88,585 kWh of electricity or $7,643. These savings along with the grant will provide a payback in 1.6 years. In addition to the savings on kWh and associated economics, the upgrade will result in emissions reductions of 70.17 tons annually.

Monies received from the grant provided the McGinnis Sisters the opportunity to put additional capital into other important upgrades, such as new high efficiency Energy Star® qualified HVAC units illustrating that energy savings do in fact have a multiplier effect. 

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Lighting upgrades will save the McGinnis sisters $7,643 annually.