LL Kurtz

Bill Kurtzhals, a veteran of the United States military, started LL Kurtz several years ago, and has consistently shown an extremely unique approach to business: Do what others can’t. 

With a background in engineering and while working for organizations such as LORD Corporation and General Electric’s locomotive division, Mr. Kurtzhals has been included on a variety of patents for products that combine rubber and metal components, resulting in an adhesive system of locomotive bumpers and clamps. 

Bill Kurtzhals came to the Gannon University Small Business Development Center (SBDC) for assistance on financial projections, employment needs, management and strategic planning assistance. The SBDC assisted in all of these areas and provided financial projections which the client has valued immensely. 

In recent months, the manufacturing community has sought out oversea manufacturing groups to produce parts at a cheap rate. In a recent transaction involving General Electric and a manufacturer located in China, Mr. Kurtzhals and his company showed hope for the American manufacturing industry. 

General Electric recently bid out a project to a China manufacturer for a series of components needed in the locomotive division. Upon careful and time consuming consideration, the China manufacturer concluded that they were unable to produce the components requested by General Electric’s locomotive engineers and meet the required specifications and requested more time be allotted to adjust the specifications. General Electric was left searching for solutions. 

Due to his extensive experience, Mr. Kurtzhals was invited to come in on a consultative approach to assist in finding a solution. 

After determining the needs of General Electric and realizing the capabilities of LL Kurtz and their ability to easily manufacture and package the needed parts within specifications, Mr. Kurtzhals was awarded the project and has since hired 5 new employees to his team and has introduced 5 new innovative products to the industry. The end result was a $500,000 increase in annual sales. LL Kurtz has hired additional employees since.

Since its opening, LL Krutz has continued to grow every year. Mr. Kurtzhals plans on growth as he consistently creates new opportunities.