Harrison Machine Company

When Pat Farver took over Harrison Machine Company, which was founded in 1939, his vision to “combine University research with commercial innovation” may have been a bit different than the previous owners. Since his role as President began, Harrison Machine Company has taken steps in that very promising direction.

Mr. Farver saw more than just continuing to build foundry machines. He has invented two new innovative machines combining energy efficiency with high production in an effort to revolutionize foundry organizations.

He came to the Gannon University Small Business Development Center (SBDC) for assistance on financial projections, employment needs, management, and strategic planning. The SBDC assisted in all of these areas and provided financial projections, which were immensely valuable to the company.  

Most recently, Harrison Machine Company was awarded a $99,000 grant from Ben Franklin Technology Partners to conduct research and development on a new machine that will truly emphasize “green” technology. Harrison Machine Company is joined by Penn State University in conducting this research and development.  This will be the first time that University research will be used to create commercial products. 

Mr. Farver has the tremendous honor of working side by side the Foundry Testing Center at Penn State University’s foundry training headquarters. The goal of this project is to implement the new technology machines as a beta test at the University allowing students to study its innovation while maintaining an ongoing test by the professors and doctors who specialize in this field. 

Harrison Machine Company has already passed last year's sales in the second quarter of this year. They have yet to commercially introduce the new technology and plan to offer it at a National Foundry Convention in Florida. Harrison Machine Company hopes to see new jobs created in the 5-10 employee range following development completion. 

Mr. Farver retained all employees of Harrison Machine Company through the tough economic times. Harrison Machine Company has also increased sales over 50%. This client has shown the new concept of involving the educational institutions with commercial technology and combining them for both educational and commercial benefit.

"I would not be here if it weren't for the SBDC."

– Pat Farver
Harrison Machine Company