Farmer Smith's Gift & Garden

Farmer Smith’s Gift and Garden Center has been a family owned and operated business for over 30 years. The business offers an extensive garden center and greenhouse, as well as a complementary gift shop.

Lois Wyant and her daughter Kelly operated the business together until Lois passed away two years ago. At that time, Kelly and her husband Todd Todorov took over the entire business operations while retaining their entire team of talented employees.  

Farmer Smith’s Gift and Garden offers a wide variety of products to their customers. Their product offerings consist of numerous brands of figurines, candles and accessories, home and garden accents, and a large greenhouse of various plants and garden items.

The actual business itself is considered a tourist attraction. Farmer Smith’s also grows their plants all year long, providing more convenience and suitability for their customers. As long as they have been in existence, they have had success with this business model.

Kelly and Todd have had a working relationship with the Clarion University Small Business Development Center (SBDC). As a result of inheriting the business, they had some concerns regarding the flow of operation of their business. Their main concern was inventory control as well as the need to expand their current facility.

With the assistance of the SBDC business consultant, they were able to analyze their operations, review several scenarios for improvement, and finally implement changes to provide for more efficient operations. Since meeting with the consultant, Todd and Kelly have been able to significantly reduce the amount of inventory on hand to lower their operating costs. They were also able to secure commercial bank financing of $320,000 to complete necessary renovations to their existing location.

With the help of the Clarion University SBDC, Farmer Smith's Gift and Garden was able to become more efficient and productive.

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Kelly and Todd Todorov worked with the Clarion University SBDC when they inherited Farmer Smith's.